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Cognac and the Charente Region

La Fournerie is a small hamlet 3 kilometers from the main village of Bréville, and only 15 minutes away from Matha and Cognac where you can find major supermarkets, shops and restaurants.

The magnificent Atlantic coast and the Charente region need a lifetime to explore but in the meantime you could start with these:



Discover the charming town of Cognac, home to famous cognac houses like Hennessy and Martell. Learn about the history and production of this iconic drink, explore the old town and indulge in local cuisine for a relaxing and educational holiday.

La Rochelle

A picturesque coastal city known for its historic architecture, vibrant cultural scene, and beautiful harbour. Museums, beaches, and local cuisine await you there.


Discover the charm of Saintes, the ancient City of Kings with rich history, picturesque scenery and a vibrant cultural scene. Explore museums, galleries, parks, and gardens for a relaxing and authentic French experience.


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